Monday 2.22.10

Push Press find your 5rm

10 Rounds for time of:
-6 KTE's
-9 Push Ups
-12 Broad Jumps

WOD Tips:
For the SWOD, we did a 3RM push press on 2.08.10. Hopefully you posted your weights and that will give you an idea of a goal weight to shoot for today.

For the metcon, the broad jumps should be a minimum of 6 ft. That is the length of one of our floor tiles. If you can't do 6 feet, mark off 5 ft with chalk, or four feet, but make sure each jump is consistent in length.

Post weights and times to the comments section! bc


  1. Push Press = 45,135,155,175x2,135x5
    MetCon = 17:40

  2. I did the Compound Total today because I will not be here the rest of the week.
    Clean-275 (PR)
    Back Squat- 425
    Shoulder Press-205
    Total= 1400. Divided by my bodyweight 235.
    Score= 5.96

    Good Job everyone this morning. Good to see you guys getting into those lifts. Danyel even went as far as writing a new weight goal for her overhead presses. That's the best way to improve is to have a goal and write it down!!

  3. SWOD: Push Press up to 235 x 5 (PR!)
    Metcon: 14:08 with 6 ft jumps.

  4. SWOD 125x5 130x2
    Metcon 16:34

  5. SWOD: 45, 65, 95, 115, 135x1, 125
    Metcon: 19:53

    So there I was destryoing Bill on Push Presses. He see's an oportunity and strikes, tipping the bar in an attempt to break my nose. If it were not for my cat like reflexes the damage could have been worse. Thanks for the bandaid Kyle

  6. swod: Push Press 5RM 45,75,95,115,125,( 135X4 Failed to push #5 twice}
    getting stronger! 3RM two weeks ago was 135.

    Metcon: 18:40 Leapin' lizard's, that was fun!

  7. push press 5rm: 115 -- same as my 3rm! thanks to some trickery by nicole, I thought I was doing 95#...
    metcon: 20:10 -- great cardio workout today

  8. Push press: 90 x 5
    MetCon: 13:11

    Glad I could help, Allison! I guess there are some benefits for poor math skills :)

  9. Push Press: 150 lbs
    Metcon: 18:46

  10. push press: 165 x 4, almost got it.
    Metcon: 18:36