Tuesday 03.23.10

The Shoulder Press, Push Press, and Push Jerk side by side

SWOD: JERK 3 RM (Anyway you can get it up....Push, Split, Rack)

Metcon: 10 rounds for time:
Deadlift x 15 (135/ 95)
Pushups x 15

For the SWOD, for those of you who love getting the knee bend going in your shoulder presses have at it today. With your trainer's help,find the most efficient way to get the most weight overhead the fastest.

For the metcon, we've learned two ways to deadlift now so lets put it into practice. I prefer the standard deadlift as I seem to be able to transition through the repititions quicker.

Post weight and times to comments. cc


  1. I leave...then Brad decides not to program any running?!?! Did I do something to you, Brad?!

  2. I'll do some running to warm up and cool down.

    The deadlift/push up Metcon looks like fun. Can't wait.

    99% done messing around with a 2009 tax return so this Metcon should be like therapy for me. :)

  3. SWOD: Jerk 55 x 3, 65 x 1
    METCON: 13:33

    Whew! The metcon was a butt kicker for sure! I was the only 5amer and got a personal training session from Craig and Kyle. Good day. :)

  4. Jerk: 3 RM 65#

    METCON: 10 Rounds

    Deadlift X 15 95#
    Pushups X 15

    Craig continues to poush me, he is a "GREAT COACH"

  5. Great WOD! Jerk at 160x3. The MetCon was awesome! Deadlift at 135lbs and pushups for 15 reps each at 10 rounds in 10:14.

  6. Jerk= 135 3 rounds max

    10 rounds: deadlift 135lbs x 15
    push ups x 15 27:23

  7. 185 x 3 - attempted but failed on rep 3 of 195
    MetCon = 14:11

  8. would love to do the WOD today, but not sure my inner thighs could handle anymore deadlifts! I'll see how the day goes, maybe I can make the 6PM--since I'm not working this week!

  9. SWOD: push jerk at 185x3. (PR)

    Metcon: 16:54

  10. Come on Kelly, you can do it. We went back to regular deadlifts for this workout

    The 5 am class was great. All one of Danyel made it and kicked butt, WHEN she took control of the weights.

    0530 group was a nice big group though, and fun to workout with. I dabbled with the SWOD a little, but didn't push it.

    Metcon: 9:00. switched to stiff leg deads cause left knee had a little pain.

  11. I just did the metcon at work during lunch, not able to do the SWOD there. It's amazing how much two weeks off affects me. I did it as rx'd in about 12:00 (no stopwatch, had to use the wall clock.)

  12. SWOD 125X3, 135X1
    MetCon 19:51 asRXd

  13. SWOD 125x3, 135x1
    Metcon 19:51 as RX'd

  14. SWOD
    125x3 135 x1

    19:15 as rxd

  15. jerk:175x3
    metcon:19:02...5rounds knee pushups

  16. Jerk: 95 Lbs

    Metcon: 16:23ish

    Great job morning crew. The 5am group was lite but Danyel held the torch.

  17. SWOD 3rm 55
    Metcon: 24:09 @85 lbs

  18. SWOD 65x3 rm
    Metcon: 24:00 (85lbs)

  19. SWOD: 115X3
    MetCon:17:09 as Rx'd 135


  20. Sorry didnt mean to hog the comment section howd I do that?

  21. Couldn't resist...went to CrossFit 801 and trained with Tyson.
    SWOD: front squat120 x 5 (PR)
    MetCon: 10 mins AMRAP
    4 HSPU
    8 KB swings (35#)
    12 KTE

    7 rounds

    IT felt really good and I was able to do some networking. Miss you guys!

  22. SWOD: 135X3
    This was a great workout, we need to do more of these kind of workouts