Monday 12.06.10

Chris is showing some good positioning, especially in the upper torso.  Back and head is in a neutral position, shoulder blades are creating a shelf so the bar can rest lower on the back, and chest is upright.  A bit of adduction of knees, causing the use of the quadriceps (smaller leg muscle in the front) by moving his knees inside his toes and cutting his power a bit.  But overall a good lift!

HSPU Day#21

SWOD: Back Squat 90% + x 1, 70-75% x 2x 5 (add 5-10 #)

Metcon: Complete 4 rounds for time:
-10 Broad Jumps (minimum 6 ft)
-20 Alternating 1-Arm KB Power Clean & Push Press–heaviest possible (10 RT/ 10 LT)
-10 Sit Ups (GHD to scale up)

For the Squats, try to add something (from 1 pound to 5 lbs) to the weight you lifted last time, 12.02.10.  Then drop down the weight to 70-75%, adding weight to the last time we did those percentages on 11.22.10.

Post weights and times to comments. cc


  1. HSPU Day #21
    SWOD: Box Squat (14") 385 x 1, 295 x 2 x 5
    Metcon: 11:05 w/ 62# KB and GHD Sit Ups

  2. HSPU Day 21

    SWOD: Backsquat 145 x 1; 125 x 2x5
    WOD: Broad jumps (almost 6 ft)-10
    KB push press (started with 18 lb but it was too light, so changed to 26 lb)-10 ea arm
    Abmat sit ups-10
    4 rounds- 13:30

  3. No SWOD today
    METCON: 4 rounds @ 9:34 w/35Lb DB, standard sit-ups and 6 ft broard jumps.(weight was to light)
    Intro'ed the dumb-bell to the FHL group today. It was fun and they all performed the body movements fine. Just getting better from a wicked flu. Had me down for a week.

  4. HSPU: Day 21

    SWOD: Box squat 205# x 1, 165# 2x5
    WOD: Broad jumps (almost 6 ft)-10
    KB push press,10 ea arm @35#
    abmat situps -10
    4 rounds: 10:56

  5. SWOD: Backsquat 285 x 1; 225 x 2x5
    WOD: broadjumps for half then back extensions
    KB power clean/push press 62 lbs
    Abmat sit ups-10
    4 rounds- 12:20

  6. SWOD:
    Back Squats: 390x1, 315x 2x5

    13:33 as rx'd with 62lbs KB

  7. swod: back squat's 225(w/matt assit)x1 165(body weight) 2x5
    metcon:rx'd w/44lb.KB 12:16 (note to self the shoe's make a big differance with this lift, maybe you should bring them to the gym.)

  8. SWOD: 100x1-85-2x5
    goal:go up 5 lbs
    MetCon: mostly worked on juhmps 18:40
    goal:under 12
    ...still sick:(

  9. SWOD: 147X1, 116X2X5
    Metcon: 9:56 (barely 6', 26#kb)

    HSPU Challenge: 20+21!!

  10. SWOD: 375x1 new pr !! 275x2x5

    METCON: 13:16 62#KB,2 rounds on GHD,
    2rounds AbMat situps

  11. metcon = 16:39 - did 36" box jumps instead of broadjumps, 53lb kb and GHD situps for all four rounds

  12. Had to do a home WOD thanks to crazy work schedule.

    SWOD: 50 strict pullups - max 1 min rest between sets.


    Metcon: 7 rounds for time of:

    3 HSPU (Challenge done for the day!)
    6 Pistol squats (3 each leg)
    9 Hand Release Pushups
    12 Situps

    14:40 Rx'd

  13. SWOD: 170 x 1, 135 2x5

    Metcon: 11:50 as rx'd with 26lb KB

  14. HSPU Challenge 21+20+15 All caught up, bring on day 22!

  15. SWOD 186#x1 137#x2x5
    Metcon 13:14 5', 26#

  16. Swod. 135 for form, 135x5, 135x2
    Metcon. 12:4? Can't remember. 4'+ jumps, 26kb, abmat sit-ups.

  17. SWOD: 155x1, 105x5, 105x5
    Metcon: 8:40 (jumping lunges instead of 6ft jumps)

  18. SWOD: 131#s x1; 105#s 2x5
    Metcon: 12:43 4'broad jump, 26#KB, GHD sit ups