Thursday 6.16.11

FPD SWAT Team training at The Compound
SWOD: Shoulder Press 2-2-2-2-2-2

Metcon: Complete four rounds of 1 minute at each station for max reps: 
-Push Press - 115/ 70 lbs
-Box Jump – 20/18 “
-Clean Pull - 115/ 70 lbs
-10 yard Bear Crawl
Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Post weights and total reps to comments. cc


  1. That is the most "MANLY" photo ive seen in a while.
    Why are Brads arms just as big as some of the other guys whole bodies?

  2. Showed up this morning to find a closed,dark gym...... disappointed.....hopefully I can make a class this afternoon!

  3. 5 a.m. class, what happened?

  4. Who are all these "Anonymnous" people? And the arms thing is just a camera trick. It was taken with the "Huge Arms App". In reality I'm the smallest one on the team.

    (Don't make it weird Ryan or Matt, I know how that last part could be interpreted)

  5. There is no joke to be made Brad. You being the smallest guy on the team is no laughing matter. For you or Jeannette.

  6. swod; 95# a little light but form and rythm was on.
    metcon: 154 reps (RX'd !!)
    Someone scratch my bad math after a wod, on the board. Think I posted 174. Stoked about doing it rx'd though.

  7. SWOD: 65#
    Metcon: 153 reps--70# push press;15.5" box

  8. SWOD: 190x2
    METCON: 179 reps @ 115#

  9. Swod:70x2x5
    Metcon: 172 (45# strict press, step ups, 195# rack pulls)

  10. Metcon: 210 as rx'd. Tough work out!