Saturday 8.06.11

SWOD: Max Height Vertical Jump - 3 attempts (after a good warmup)

Metcon: "Angie" or "Team Angie".  Compare to 7.12.10
For Time:
-100 Pull ups
-100 Push ups
-100 Sit ups
-100 Squats

Complete all reps of each exercise before moving to the next. Work on accuracy of movement for this workout. Your first rep of each exercise should look exactly like your last rep, albeit a bit slower due to fatigue. If you cannot do an exercise as prescribed, then try to use the most difficult variation of scaling as possible with an eye towards a goal of doing all workouts as written.

If you prefer, team up with a partner and complete the workout together, with one person working at a time.

Post scores to comments. cc


  1. SWOD 16" Vert

    Metcon 23:04 RX'd

  2. "Dating Sage"
    5 rounds
    10 power snatch @95#
    15 pullups
    20 thrusters @75#

  3. swod: verticle jump 16 1/2 "
    metcon: 27;43 rx
    5 minutes slower than last year but ..pullups Im sure are more legit...nice job Mike C.

  4. Metcon: 35:53 (I think. I'd have to look on the board, can't remember exactly) Rx'd.

  5. 34:31 rx'd as long as white ryan agrees :) and thanks for pushing me to do the whole wod by myself!!