Wednesday 12.28.11

We got some more barbell stands in and I've noticed some people struggling with which bars weighed how much, etc. so I made the following temporary markings. 

- Ladies bars (35lbs thin bars): pink tape around the middle of the bar, it does not change the weight of the bar though!
- Men's Limited Use" Bars (45lbs): Blue tape around the collars.  Used for any "slow lift".  NOT for Olympic Lifts (Clean, Snatch, Jerk or their variations)
- Men's "All Purpose" Bars (45lbs): No markings, can use them for anything
- Training Bars (15 lbs): No markings, simply much shorter and lighter than the others.

Strength:  Max Vertical Jump & Max Broad Jump (3 attempts each)

Conditioning: 5K for time

Compare to 9.28.11

Post times and distances to comments.


  1. BS 275 (+25)
    SP 135 (-5)
    DL 275 (-25)

    685 total, 690 in sept


  2. 116.5 vert total (16" jump)
    7'5" horz

    27:18 5k

  3. 30:31 23" 6' i hope one of those is good

  4. 5K run: 27:45

    Nice job Jenna, Melissa and Dani on the 265 DL :)