Tuesday 3.06.12

The images of ripped hands on the video are not cool and do not make you tougher or more dedicated.  They should be considered an injury (as in something that makes you skip out on training in some way.  Take some time today to learn how to do this method.  Take it from a 240 lbs guy who hangs from the bars quite often, it works!
(P.S. not my fault for the cool music)

Strength:  Weighted Pull Up, find 3rm
then, 1 set Strict Pull Ups (unweighted) for max reps

Skill:  take time to tape your hands

Conditioning:  For Time:
- 100 Toes to Bar
* sub Hollow Rocks if needed, but make sure your form stays strict the entire time

Post weights, reps, and times to comments.


  1. I'll be back sometime this week....as a newcomer I'm sure......gotta get back into life now....

  2. SWOD: 10x3, 12.5x2
    Metcon: 11:38

  3. Swod: 5#x3 (kipping) no strict
    Metcon: 14:34

  4. SWOD: 10#x3, 15#x1 using a wall ball
    Metcon: 13:27

  5. swod; b/wx3, +18x3, +26x3, +35x3(broken) 1x9 strict
    metcon: 100t2b 10:50 ...thanks for the push Stefan!

  6. 90#x3, 17 strict pus