Wednesday 3.07.12

EliteFTS is a website we have gone to for years for all types of training information

Skill: Accumulate 20 pistols (each leg). Don't move fast, make sure each rep is performed well. Use whatever support you need to get to full depth

Conditioning: 3 Rounds for Time:
- 1- Arm Farmer Walk (RT) 25 yards - 1/3 body weight
- 1- Arm Farmer Walk (LT) 25 yards - 1/3 body weight
- Max Rep Kettlebell Swings

Use the heaviest kettlebell possible for the swings and you count reps until you pause between reps. Use a barbell/ farmers handles/KB's/ DB's  for the farmers walks.

Score total swings and post to comments


  1. farmer walk @ 65lbs, 44KB: 27, 28, 28= 83 total

  2. OHS 5x65,5x75,5x90
    60 DU's
    Pistols variations
    FWalk 105#(2/3bw), 38 KBs@62#

  3. 65# FW and 60 swings with 70# kb

  4. swod: pistol squats 20 each leg... 6 of which were with +18# kb
    metcon: FW w/55#'s...KB swings were reps of 30,31,40(101) @ 53#
    +50 hollow rocks 10,15,10,10,5

  5. Warm up; 1000 row,ring rows,pull ups,1:00 du's, and somethig else?
    Strength; Front squat 3x5@ 105
    Conditioning/strength/skill?: 6x5 Pull ups, some sets of 6 and 7 strung together..yeah!
    50 Hollow rocks
    * havent been in compound for a few days so i just played around with different stuff today =)