Friday 7.20.12

Finally the board is completely ready to be filled up, Box Jumps,. Vertical Jumps and Handstand Walks!
Strength: Power Clean 5x3 (+5# from last week)

Conditioning: Tabata:
- Tabata Wall Ball
Rest 1 minute
- Tabata Kettlebell Swing

These can be done in any order, it does not matter.

 Afterwards,For 5 min:
- work on “L Sit” position on the parallel bars.

Post weight and reps to comments.


  1. SWOD: 5 x3 @ 105

    Metcon: Wall ball- Lowest rep- 8, Kettlebell- LR-8 (44lbs for 2 rounds, then rest at 35lb)

  2. swod:w/u to.. 5x3 PC @ 135#
    metcon: 7,6 20# torture wallball, 62#kb ;)
    I loves me some Crossfit, Happy Friday ya'll !!

  3. swod: PR'd 1rm @ 135. 3x5@115
    Metcon: 68KB swings @44#. lost count on WB, 40 something??

  4. Swod: 5x3@75#
    Metcon: wall ball-7,kb swings-7@35#