Wednesday 7.04.12

Reminder- Today the gym is only open at 8 and 9 AM. Happy Independence Day!

Andy Griffith died Tuesday. Definitely the greatest Sheriff portrayed on TV...and pretty close to reality, we have a few Barney's I'm sure!

Skill: 10:00 of jump rope practice. Work on double unders if you don't have them and if you do, try and set a new PR for consecutive reps of double unders.

Conditioning: "Kayak Ken"
For time complete:
- 1000m Row
- 50 Burpees
- 1000m Row

If classes are too big and a rower is not available, consider starting with a row and ending with a 800m run or vice versa.  Or completing the conditioning portion first and the skill portion after.  A stagger start is also an option.  The point is to get a great workout and the rower or running are both great for that!

Post reps and times to comments.


  1. double unders...2 rounds..92(pr) and 73
    metcon: 13:24 chasing a "30 something" is always a hoot !! Great job Ryan...thanks for the push.

  2. 14:50 - 800m runs with our pup.

    Have a great Fourth of July everyone!

  3. WOD: 16:58

    12 doubleunders- getting better

  4. Filty Fifty. 35:12

    Snatch Practic 1x105#