Thursday 11.01.12

This Saturday, November 3rd, Ryan is competing at the CrossFit Merced 2012 Holiday Throwdown.
There will be 300 athletes in individual, masters, and team divisions. Held outdoors at the Vista Ranch and Cellars Winery in Merced from 9am to finish. Ryan is competing with Andrew , Jhauna , and Patti from CF Solano.
Anyone who can make time to go support him, please get down there! 
Good luck Ryan and get us some pictures!

Strength: Front Squat 3x5 (add 5# from last time)
                Floor Press 3x5 (add 1-5# from last time)

Conditioning: 10:00 ladder:
- Rig Dips (or Bar Dips, box or paralette dips, etc)
- Goblet Squats (heaviest KB possible)

Complete 1 rep of each movement on the first minute, then 2, on the second, then 3.....and so on for 10:00

Post weights and reps to comments.

The Goblet Squat:


  1. SWOD:
    Metcon: completed with ring dips and 53#KB

  2. swod: fs: 2x5@125,1x6@125
    fp: 2x5@147,1x6@147
    metcon: 8rds 53# kb

  3. SWOD: 85 3x5 / 65 3x5
    Metcon: 10 rounds w/ band dips and 44lb kb

  4. Swod: 90# FS, 85# FP
    Metcon: thru 9 rounds skinny band, 44# kb

  5. SWOD: front squat 100# 3x5, floor press 91# 3x5
    Metcon: finished the 10 rounds after time, 62# kb with rx, half skinny black band, entire skinny black band ring dips.

  6. FS 160 3x5
    FP 135 3x5
    Metcon 7 Rds rx 3rds 5 ea
    Big blue Kb.