Wednesday 11.28.12

Matt is getting ready for Friday night target practice.
We have Center Mass "C" Range (the law enforcement 25 yard range) reserved for 5 pm on Friday, November 30th. The cost will be $7 for the hour/ person and our gun rentals (if needed) are $6. Ammo, targets, eye and ear protection is all stuff you guys need to be prepared to purchase if you don't already have that stuff. But we can share certain items as well.

Skill: Muscle Up Practice

Conditioning: "Chelsea"
Every minute on the minute for 30:00:
- 5 Pull Up
- 10 Push Up
- 15 Squat

Scale the Pull Ups and Push Ups to complete all reps within the minute (for example, Jumping Pull Ups and Push Ups on a box).  Work until you cannot complete a full round within the minute.

Post completed rounds to comments.


  1. Skkill: Muscle up Practice

    Metcon: Went 8 rounds on the minute. The continued on till the 20 min mark with some breaks

  2. 20 RDS +10 pushups + 5 sguats
    then one additional rnd...I like punishment
    FYI, I wanted to give up on rnd 15, but I dug deep and pushed through

  3. Rx'd longest time was 38 sec

  4. SWOD SP 3x5, 1x4 105#
    Metcon RX'd

  5. DL 215x5x3


    metcon: ugh, my push ups suck