Tuesday 5.14.13

Phillip staring down Matt, while doing super close Deadlifts

Strength: Snatch, 1rm
                Power Clean, 1rm

WOD: Max reps in 2:00
- Double Unders/ Jump Rope

Post weights and reps to comments.

We are also doing this workout in Oly class tonight, so if you are attending Oly Class and go to a different class today too, test yourself in some other skills on the list, which include:

Skills: Complete the following skills in any order:
- Rope Climb - most difficult variation
- 400m Run - time
- Toes to Bar/ Knees to Elbows - max reps
- 1000m Row - time
- Vertical Leap - max height
- Pull Ups - max reps
- L-Sit - time in "L"
- Hollow Body - time
- Sit Ups - max reps


  1. Double Unders: 110, then 106 after

    Snatch: 215x 1
    225x lots of fails

    Power Clean: 275x 1
    285x fails

  2. Snatch: 90x1(pr), 95xfail
    Power Clean: 125x1, 130xfailx2
    Double Unders: 130

  3. Snatch 145x1 PR (Been wanting this since the Open)
    Power Clean 190x1 PR (+5)
    Double Unders: 187

  4. Snatch: 145x1
    Power Clean: 188x1
    Double Unders: lol

  5. snatch: 125#
    pc: actualy a failed power clean which is a full clean 185
    du; 87 straight. Ill make up the 2;00 min. deal.

  6. Snatch: 110, failed 115 many times

    PC: 155

    DU: 184