Wednesday 5.15.13

Warm Up: At the end of a solid Warm Up, perform:
- Push Ups or Ring Dips.  Max reps without stopping

Strength: Bench Press or Floor Press, 1rm

WOD: "Karen"
For time:
- 150 Wall Ball shots (20/14# to 10' target)

How many reps can you get without stopping?  If you know you are not getting close to the time limits for "Karen", you can still try for a PR....


Go for 50 reps non stop with 20/ 14# ball to 10/ 9 ft marks

Post reps, weights and times to comments.


  1. Warm Up: 17 Ring Dips UB
    SWOD: 185x1 BP
    KAREN: 9:05 PR
    Very happy with this weeks PRs, thanks BROach!

  2. Warm Up: 11 Ring Dips UB
    Bench Press: 225x1
    KAREN: 7:03

  3. Brenda Wilson
    warm up: 15 push ups (pretty awesome couldnt do more than one in january)
    Bench press: 120x1
    30 UB 50 total wall balls

  4. 15 Push ups
    BP: 105#
    Karen: 9:54 didn't make level 3, but still a PR

  5. BP: 95
    Karen: 9:10 close

  6. Ring Dips: 20
    Bench: 335
    Karen: 6:36

  7. pushups ;23
    bench: 180
    karen: 12;43..which is actually a PR by around 45 seconds which should pretty much sum up that :/

  8. Pushups: 23
    Floor Press: 115#
    Karen: 25UbB / completed at 11:30

  9. Bench: 95x1
    Karen: 11:14

    push ups: 10
    ring dips: 2